Covid-19: Our protections - hygiene, cleaning and sanitization

In all our homes in Cinque Terre we observe the strictest rules for the disinfection of all objects, surfaces, environments, even exteriors, using chlorine-based products, as recommended by government authorities.
After cleaning, we turn on the ozone generator in each room, which thanks to its great oxidative power, it is capable of destroying all types of viruses, bacteria, fungi and all types of microorganism.

Stay and live in safe freedom.
The Ministry of Health recognizes the ozone as a “natural device for the sterilization of environments contaminated by bacteria, virus, spores etc..”  (24482 protocol of 07/31/1996).

Our appliances guarantees a complete destruction of all of the microorganisms that are dangerous for human health.


  1. Where is absolutely necessary to use your ozone disinfection system?
    The ozone applications are mainly based upon the great disinfection power that this gas has. The ozone, thanks to its great oxidative power, is able to break the big macromolecular components which are the basis of the bacterial cells vital integrity, virus, funguses, and any kind of micro-organism. It is therefore indispensable to use our ozone machines in all the places where are human activities, where there are groups of people and somehow at risk such as : rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, etcetera.

  2. Which kind of micro-organisms and odors do the ozone eliminate?
    The ozone is the most powerful existing virus and bacteria killer (its oxidizing power is more than 150 times the chlorine one) and it’s able to kill in a few minutes any kind of known harmful microorganism more than oxidize deeply and destroy any element which could develop any unpleasant smell.

  3. What are the characteristics of your ozone system?
    It makes the air of the treated room, hygienic as well as mattresses, pillows, carpets, rugs, curtains, telephone, keyboard and any unattainable surface. Thanks to its powerful air stream, it reaches the most hidden places in a uniform way, without leaving remains or concealing the odors but definitively and safely ,eliminating them. Our machines guarantee a complete and homogeneous hygienic process in a short period of time.
    In this way the room is absolutely without ozone or any toxic remains dangerous for people, this happens with the traditional sanitization methods using chlorine.

  4. How do the insects or creepy-crawly creatures react to the ozone treatment, if any?
    As soon as the animals, which are more perceivable than men to odors, feel the ozone, they tend to run away. The ozone, heavier than the oxygen, gradually inserts into the galleries or the passages used by the animals and makes the places inhospitable. Should the animals find a new way to enter the room, the constant use of the ozone, will force them to leave definitely that inhospitable area.

  5. What is the maximum room size that can be treated with your ozone disinfection system?
    The larger the room is, the longer it will take to properly treat the area.

  6. How can I calculate the time needed to sanitize an area?
    A room sanitation is reached in about 15-30 minutes, which is the time needed to inactivate the strongest viruses and bacteria. Our experience clearly shows that the larger is the amount of ozone produced in a time unit, the greater will be the effectiveness. The amount of ozone and the kind of conveyance of the area, are necessary to reach a significant result. The result is also strictly related to the amount and the kind of environmental pollutants, such as viruses, bacteria, spores and mildews. Anyway, it usually takes 15-30 minutes to treat an area in a satisfying way.

  7. If I open the window , does the treatment cycle stop?
    No, it doesn’t. The ozone insinuates and impregnates everything in the room (mattresses, sofas, moquette, curtains and pillows) and it provides a temporary "barrier effect " against the attack of new germs and pathogenic viral agents.

  8. What is the maximum time of continuous operation of your ozone disinfection system?
    Our ozone generator can theoretically operate continuously for days and days , but the use of an electronic management board with preset programs, which can report the production to the time and to the surface area to be treated , allows to use the device for the exact time required to achieve the desired result.

  9. How long does the sanitizing and deodorizing effect last?
    Just like all the classic sanitation and deodorization treatments, the effects of our ozone disinfection system last until external events affect the environment , by increasing microbs and / or unpleasant odors again.

  10. How can I check the proper functioning of the treatment?
    When the operator turns the system on, he must check the correct ignition of all of the operation and control indicators, which will ensure the achievement of the sanitation process as expressed in the certification of the device. This prerequisite is what ensures the technological superiority of our devices compared to the others. The deodorizing power of our devices can be verified by a simple olfactory test.

  11. What are the risks of involuntarily staying during the operation of the ozone disinfection system?
    The concentration of ozone required for the disinfection process does not cause intoxication and/or permanent damages, but it can cause a clear throat and eyes irritation and, in extreme cases, a possible light dizziness. These symptoms will quickly disappear by turning the device off and walking away from the room. N.B.: moving away is always possible for humans but is not that easy for pets; it is strongly recommended to make sure that they don’t stay in the treated area during the process.

  12. How often must the sanitation treatment be accomplished?
    We use it whenever the guest changes.

  13. How must the device be placed, in order to obtain an optimal use?
    It should be placed in a strategic place, so the ozone can be shared as evenly as possible, in order to facilitate the disinfection even in critical points. We suggest a central placement (also on a side of the room), far from any obstacle.

  14. How should the usual cleaning be done? Can the ozone disinfection system replace any other cleaning appliance?
    No, the system just sanitizes and deodorizes rooms and things in an eco-friendly and independent way; the usual cleaning must be done before the treatment starts, without changing any cleaning habit. The ozone disinfection system does not delete spots or dirt, it just accomplishes a safe and efficient environmental sanitation and deodorization treatment, even in critical points, in order to ensure a safe and uniform hygiene.

  15. Does your ozone device wear out and does it need to be replaced?
    No, the ozone production is ensured by an exclusive and unique technology with a double dielectric barrier; the control electrical and electronic parts are carefully chosen and certified, in order to guarantee the highest safety and reliability.

  16. What kind of maintenance does your system need?
    The only maintenance the system needs is the cleaning of the filter. Our device has been planned for a maintenance every 500 hours of use, or once a year.

  17. Why should I trust an ozone disinfection system?
    In order to kill and defeat virus, bacteria and smells, ozone actually needs to exceed a certain level of concentration. The peculiarity of ozone is to have a very short half-life. At the very moment in which oxygen becomes ozone, it has all these features; by converting back into oxygen, it does not leave dangerous leftovers or marks and it doesn’t change the room temperature either. During the treatment – just in that moment – there must not be any living being: the ozone is potentially dangerous, because of the high concentration of ozone, which is needed to obtain a safe and efficient disinfection. After 30 minutes of the treatment, the room can be safely occupied by people and animals. Our disinfection system is therefore totally natural, eco-friendly and does not present any contraindications.

  18. What should be done if the device is accidentally turned on and needs to be turned off immediately?
    Our devices are provided of an electronic technology, with preset rates of use, according to the treated areas, so that the ozone production automatically stops at the end of the operation. The device can be turned off by pressing the switch button.

  19. Is it true that ozone “ruins” materials?
    Our ozone disinfection system, which is specifically conceived for both civil and industrial use, is totally safe, since the amount of ozone and the rates of use aren’t absolutely dangerous for the materials in a room.

  20. Is it necessary to add any chimical products to make the device work?
    No, our ozone disinfection system produces the amount of ozone needed by converting the oxygen into ozone and back.

  21. How can your ozone disinfection system be that efficient?
    The Ministry of Health recognizes the ozone as a “natural device for the sterilization of environments contaminated by bacteria, virus, spores etc..”  (24482 protocol of 07/31/1996). Our appliances guarantees a complete destruction of all of the microorganisms that are dangerous for human health.
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