Villa Corbezzolo - The Garden

The garden of Villa Corbezzolo was designed and built about 40 years ago by  Mirella Scalfaro, architect very sensitive to nature.
With an extension of over 4000 square meters, the garden is divided into terraces and large flower beds that enhance the plants.

First of all it should be noted the presence of numerous Arbutus trees (from which the Villa takes its name 'Corbezzolo') that fill for three quarters the borders.
An impressive wisteria forms a natural tunnel at the entrance of the villa.
Two large overcrowded flowerbeds of Agapanthus blue intense colouring the days
in June, divided by a gigantic ancient medlars tree.

Two large terraces are cultivated with olive groves of the Taggiasca genus, typical of these areas, with some centenarian plants.
Other plants to report, from which the guests can gather the fruits, are some specimens of ancient quinces apple, pomegranates, cherries, kumquats, some huge hazelnuts plants, a large kiwi climber, mandarins, bitter or sweet oranges, grapefruits, khaki, some  native white grape vines and, of course, the fragrant lemons.

Some roses plants, one of which is very fragrant and of a delightful color, adorn some corners of the garden.
In addition to these plants, meticulously chosen and cured for over 40 years, there are the spontaneous plants of the local flora, typical of the Mediterranean areas.

An area of ​​the garden is occupied by a large vegetable garden, cultivated according to nature (only local soil, spring water and sun), where our guests can pick up aromatic herbs and vegetables at will: mint, thyme, basil, parsley, sage, rosemary, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, courgettes and artichokes.

Villa Corbezzolo, heaven on earth
The heart of Cinque Terre - Villa Corbezzolo     
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