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About us

The heart of Cinque Terre is a website where a father (Pierpaolo Paradisi), his son (Aranit Sinamati) and his brother (Mirjan Sinamati) together they offer the rental of some houses located in Prevo, in the municipality of Vernazza. Ours is not a company, but a mutual family help between us, so as to divide the costs and commitment for its maintenance. Each of us receives bookings and payments directly, just as each of us pays his taxes and registers his Guests with the Ministry of the Interior (alloggiatiweb).

Pierpaolo Paradisi

Who was born on an island, like many of us, he always knows exactly where it is going.

If we go the east coast, or the west, or if from north and we go south.
Even in life, in relationships with others we are so ... we know our direction, and we look it openly.

It is by cause the sea that we know orient ourselves. It is a mental condition that plunges its roots in our imprinting, a compass that comes from inside and exit out to the skin.

We sailed to Europe in pursuit of civilization, work, progress and the future. But there was not found a lot more civilization than we left , perhaps work, I do not think the future.

In those mountains and factories and paved courtyards and endless highways we have not found  more humanity of a seaport.
And in those beaches and cliffs that we left there is more life of any downtown metropolis Nordic.

At sea, then, I'm wanted to come back. I rent Leo's Lodge and Villa Corbezzolo.

Aranit Sinamati

Born in a little village in Albania, in Italy from 2002, I have long been looking for a suitable place to raise my family.

I found it here, in this corner of paradise, immersed in this unspoiled nature so similar to my homeland.

I have a lot of manual skills, I can build a house from the foundation up to the roof, including the systems.

I love the land and the fruits it gives us. Here in Prevo I take care of an olive grove, a vegetable garden and some gardens.

I believe that this we are living is certainly a very demanding life, but also with many positive implications.

I rent Teresita Apartment and Lemon Suite.

Aranit Sinamati

Born in the same little village of Aranit, in Albania (I'm his brother) in Italy from 2005.

I have a construction company, I love manual work, the sea and unspoiled nature.

A few years ago I started this fantastic adventure here in Prevo and I must say that I hope it will last a very long time.

I rent Blue Path Apartment, Gateaway on the Sea.


Leo's Lodge owes its name to Leo, my hero dog: has saved me in October 25th, 2011 during the flood when nine people died, for this he won the International Award of Loyalty of Dog and many newspapers and television had spoken about his history around the world.