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Cinque Terre National Park

Until 1990 these were only fishing villages. Today they are one of the most famous coastal landscapes in the world: the Cinque Terre has been through a few changes over the years, but are ever gorgeous as you’d imagine. From 1999 it is a National Park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with up 3 million people a year visiting to walk, boat and train their way through its dramatic cliffs and pretty coastal villages.

Prevo, the highest spot of Blue Path

Cinque terre apartments Prevo
Prevo is a tiny hamlet of Vernazza right in the center of Cinque Terre National Park, along the Blue Path (Sentiero Azzurro), 1,5 km away from Corniglia and 1,3 km from Vernazza. It is the highest and most impressive spot at 208 meters above sea level.

Prevo was built in the early sixteenth century some families of shepherds who arrived from the mountains inland to spend the winter with their flocks. They had estimated that the area was among the hottest in the Cinque Terre, so that the basin which descends from Prevo to the beach below Guvano is called, even today, 'hell'.

In the clearest days, due to its location at 208 meters above sea level, Prevo is a vantage point from which you can see the island of Isola d'Elba,  Gorgona,  Capraia and Capo Corso (Corse, France).

The stretch of sea between Corsica and the Cinque Terre is called the Cetacean Sanctuary, it is the first international protected area in the Mediterranean for the protection of the marine environment.

The Cetacean Sanctuary is one of the richest pelagic environments in the Mediterranean thanks to the peculiar orography of the coast, which gives rise to an area in which particular oceanographic and climatic conditions favor a very high primary productivity compared to the average values found in the pelagic environments of throughout the western Mediterranean.

What and where is
the Cinque Terre

Many people think the Cinque Terre like one place, but it’s actually a stretch of Ligurian Riviera coastline made up of five villages – the Five Lands or Cinque Terre in Italian. Running from north to south the villages are Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. Every village have some beautiful hamlet, like Prevo, the magical place where we are, right in halfway between Corniglia and Vernazza along the famous Blue Path (Sentiero Azzurro in italian).

Each one of the five villages is a beauty and different from others, with pastel buildings and amazing sea views.
The Cinque Terre is located just south of Genoa in north-west Italy. It’s within easy reach of the airports at Genoa, Pisa, Rome, Florence and Nice, and there’s a train connection between La Spezia and Levanto which stops at each of the villages.

How to get here

The Cinque Terre is a National Park and vehicle traffic is restricted to residents only in the villages. It is better to avoid taking a car because the roads are narrow and winding with sheer drops. If you are driving around, you can park in La Spezia or Levanto then catch the train into the Cinque Terre.

In Prevo, instead, where we are, you can arrive by car and park it in our private parking, for free.