Prevo, the highest spot of Blue Path

The heart of Cinque Terre is located in Prevo, a tiny hamlet of Vernazza right in the center of Cinque Terre National Park, along the Blue Path (Sentiero Azzurro), 2 km away from Corniglia and 2 km from Vernazza. It is the highest and most impressive spot at 208 meters above sea level.

Prevo was built in the early sixteenth century some families of shepherds who arrived from the mountains inland to spend the winter with their flocks. They had estimated that the area was among the hottest in the Cinque Terre, so that the basin which descends from Prevo to the beach below Guvano is called, even today, 'hell'.

In the clearest days, due to its location at 208 meters above sea level, Prevo is a vantage point from which you can see the island of
Isola d'ElbaGorgonaCapraia and Capo Corso (Corse, France).

The heart of Cinque Terre - Villa Corbezzolo     
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