leo hero cinque terre

Who was born on an island, like many of us, he always knows exactly where it is going.
If we go the east coast, or the west, or if from north and we go south.
Even in life, in relationships with others we are so ... we know our direction, and we look it openly.

It is by cause the sea that we know orient ourselves. It is a mental condition that plunges its roots in our imprinting, a compass that comes from inside and exit out to the skin.

We sailed to Europe in pursuit of civilization, work, progress and the future. But there was not found a lot more civilization than we left , perhaps work, I do not think the future.

In those mountains and factories and paved courtyards and endless highways we have not found  more humanity of a seaport.
And in those beaches and cliffs that we left there is more life of any downtown metropolis Nordic.

At sea, then, I'm wanted to come back.

family consists of me, my dog hero Leo, and Zanna, my cat.

Our lifestyle is simple, essential, in contact with nature, without the unnecessary luxuries offering media, and neither frills.
We believe that real luxury consists in comfort of a serene life, without noise nor smog, breathing fresh air and enjoying what the earth offers us.

Facts worth knowing:

Our home is very famous in Italy because here lives my dog ​​Leo, hero of the Cinque Terre.
Leo has saved me in 2011 during the famous flood, it won the International Award Loyalty of the Dog and all the newspapers and many television spoke of its history.

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The heart of Cinque Terre - Villa Corbezzolo     
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