Gateaway on the Sea
Gateaway on the Sea is situated in the highest and amazing spot of Cinque Terre National Park, right on the Sentiero Azzurro, at 200 meter above sea level between Corniglia and Vernazza, in a restful village named 'Prevo' with a nonpareil panorama, away from the bustle of the villages.

For romantic honeymoon, for adventurous travelers wishing to explore this fantastic region on foot or by those who simply wish a quiet retreat to relax and unwind, our home is the piece of paradise you need!

Gateaway on the sea was built 400 years ago by some shepherds who came from the mountains to the sea to spend the winter.
It is located on a cliff that plunges into the sea, south-facing between Corniglia and Vernazza, right on the famous Guvano Beach.

All around there are olive and fruits trees, vineyards and mediterranean plants.

The house have been renovated with taste and simplicity, trying to preserve as much as possible them historical roots.


General Recommendations
Our houses are 2 km away from the nearest village along Sentiero Azzurro (Blue Path). If you come on foot, do not forget to bring water with you, even better fresh fruit and some energy food. - IMPORTANT: After sunset the path it is completely dark and it is very dangerous.

Assistance to get here
If you're tired I can pick you up by my car in Corniglia train station, or if there are elderly or young children, or other problems.
To obtain this assistance is enough that you notify me in advance about the time of arrival.
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