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gabbiano cinque terre

Ours are two stone houses built about 400 years ago, and are surrounded by nature. Wild animals such as wild boars, foxes, rodents, and other animals are regular inhabitants of this area.
An area protected by UNESCO.

There are no particular problems if you observe the standards of living in the countryside, but if the rural life is not for you and you are not adaptable it's better that you book your room in one of the villages.
We will do our best to make your stay in our house is as relaxing and comfortable as possible but life in countryside has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Transfer from/to Corniglia train station

We offer, for free, transfer from/to Corniglia train station for check-in and check-out.
To get this service is required to book well in advance.

If you need other transfer during your stay you can contact the
taxi/rental car Cinque Terre Travel - Simone

general recommendations

Our houses are
2 km away from the nearest village along Sentiero Azzurro (Blue Path). If you come on foot,  do not forget to bring water with you, even better fresh fruit and some energy food. - IMPORTANT: A
fter sunset the path it is completely dark and it is very dangerous.
assistance to get here

you're tired I can pick you up by my car in Corniglia train station, or if there are elderly or young children, or other problems.
To obtain this assistance is enough that you notify me in advance about the time of arrival.

We suggest Enoteca Il Pirun: great local food and lovely atmosphere. All dishes & wines are excellent.
Via Fieschi, 115, 19018 Corniglia SP, Italy - Phone +39 0187 812315
clothing and luggage
not recommended
It is recommended that clothing and shoes appropriate to the situation, to living in the countryside.
Backpacks are recommended but if you have heavy suitcases I can come pick you up with my car in Corniglia train station.
medicines, first aid, health emergencies
In case you need medicines is recommended to buy them before got here.

The nearest pharmacy is in Vernazza.
If you feel unwell emergency vehicles can come to our home with ease, thanks to our private driveway.
Prevo is served by a helicopter rescue service too.
weather, practicability of roads, emergency numbers
ARPAL - the website (the most reliable) of the Government
The One Number 841148 is a service to users who can be contacted without typing any code, open 7 days out of 7, including holidays, 24 hours on 24 - from 8am to 8pm via a Contact Center service and from 8pm to 8am with an answering machine.
113 Polizia di Stato - Police.
The number 113 is always active for each type of signal theft, robberies, assaults, fights, suspicious people or vehicles, etc..

115 Vigili del Fuoco - Fire Department.
With 115 leads quickly to the operational structure of area. For an effective and timely intervention is needed, however, always the cooperation of the user must:
- describe calmly to the receptionist the nature and extent of the accident, calling again even if the situation has substantially changed;
- c
ommunicate the address or location with any references for a safe and fast identification of the site and, if necessary, to meet the rescue teams to indicate the right direction;
report any difficulties and road access to the site of the accident.

112 Carabinieri
You may request the assistance of the staff of the Carabinieri in situations of specific institutional competence: Relief in case of emergency, to report useful investigative activities, etc..
The 112 is from 1991, the single emergency number in Europe. Meets the needs of foreigners on Italian territory, with a structure of language response.
1515 Corpo Forestale
Emergency number of the State Forestry Corps to which citizens can report in a timely manner the presence of forest fires and any other type of environmental emergency, as well as submit requests for help.
The 1515 is a free service, 24-hour 24, all over the country.
If you arrive by car it is important to know the conditions of the roads because here in the Cinque Terre after the flood of October 25, 2011, there are many works in progress.

In particular, it is important to know the weather forecast because it is not recommended take this route if the experts expect storm.

You may visit Arpal website, call the number 941148 (see to side), or write me for any information about wheater.

Here to side some useful numbers.

a quiet holiday


first of all

The heart of Cinque Terre - Villa Corbezzolo     
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