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Covid-19: Our protections - hygiene, cleaning and sanitization

In all our homes we observe the strictest rules for the disinfection of all objects, surfaces, environments, even exteriors, using chlorine-based products, as recommended by government authorities.
After cleaning, we turn on the ozone generator in each room, which thanks to its great oxidative power, it is capable of destroying all types of viruses, bacteria, fungi and all types of microorganism.

Stay and live in safe freedom.
ozone generator
important infos in this page:
autan mosquito spray
autan mosquito spray

As throughout Italy and in the Mediterranean sea in the Cinque Terre there are many insects: mosquitoes, bees, wasps, sand flies and much more.

There are not particular problems if you use mosquito spray before sunset and during the night (and during the day if you are allergic).
We suggest products based on Picaridin, a biocidal product, like Autan Family Care or Autan Tropical.
We advise against the use of repellent candles: in these areas they are little or not effective at all.

Please note that there aren't mosquito nets in the rooms.

Emergency medical Service phone: 118

Guardia Medica Levanto: 0187 800973 (every day)
Pharmacy Vernazza: 0187 812396 (from 9am to 7pm)
Guardia Medica Vernazza: 0187 821086
Guardia Medica La Spezia: 0187 026198
If you get stung by an insect

Apply a topical cream to relieve pain and relieve itching. Creams containing ingredients like hydrocortisone, local anesthetics (lidocaine or pramoxine) or antihistamines can help control pain. Other creams (example: calamine lotion) can soothe the itching of the skin.

If you are allergic or the itchiness and redness of the injured skin get worse or do not tend to resolve after a few days, you should contact your doctor or Guardia Medica.

  2 - transfer service (free)
from/to Corniglia train station

We offer, for free, transfer from/to Corniglia train station for check-in and check-out.
To get this service is required to book well in advance.

If you need other transfer during your stay you can contact the
taxi/rental car Cinque Terre Travel - Simone

In our Villa hot water is supplied by 3 electric boilers with a capacity of 80 liters each one. As the electric boiler takes about 1.5 hours to heat the water, it is necessary to use hot water sparingly (short showers, open the hot water tap the minimum necessary, etc.).
If a guest uses a lot of hot water the other guests will have to wait about 1.5 hours before having more hot water.


Our Villa has an electrical power of 5,2kw (the maximum allowed for a private home). If this limit is exceeded, the main switch is released and the electric power no longer works and the main switch must be switched on again.
Therefore electrical equipment must be used taking into account this limit.


1 hairdryer consumes 2kw
3 boiler for hot water consumes 3kw
1 microwave consumes 1.8kw
Already these devices exceed the allowed limit, so remember to use them sparingly.

Danger: do not use the electricy main switch with wet hands and barefoot.
Only adults can access to electricy main switch.
When the electricity consumption has exceeded the limit of more than 1 kw it is necessary to wait about an hour before electricy main switch can be switched on again.

Until now no one has ever complained about these aspects because all our guests have given serious consideration to these instructions.
We invite you to do the same.

Tips for not having problems

Limit the use of hot water to the minimum necessary
Between a shower and another it is better to wait 30 minutes
Do not use the hair dryer while other people are taking a shower
Do not use the electric oven or microwave while other people are taking a shower or using a hair dryer.

1. During your stay preserve our environment and be rational in water and electricity use.
2. Only people registered may stay in our property.
3. The owner does not assume any responsibility for your money, jewelery or documents.
4. Electricity is 220 V.
5. Open fire and candles are not allowed in the house, not even in the terraces.
6. Use the premises and equipments that are at your disposal carefully as a good host.
7. Damage or other problems please report to the owner.
8. Please note that you are responsible for damages that occur by your fault or by fault of the person wich you are responsible and that we will ask a refund for damage.
9. In windy days PLEASE CLOSE or lock the doors and windows. The broken glasses will be charged.
10. Non-aggressive dogs, in special case, are wellcome but always accompanied by the owner that he must check and collect the dejections left by animals.
11. Please keep in mind that near our properties there are other houses with guests want to rest: avoid making noise in the apartments or in the terraces after 23:00 hours.
12. In the case of cackles during the night you will be turned away from our property without refund.
13. Lost and found items please report at the owner.
14. On the day of your departure please leave the room by 11am.

We will do our best
to make your stay
would be as relaxing
and comfortable as possible
but a quiet holiday

first of all
general info
general info

Our houses are
located right along the Blue Path (Sentiero Azzurro) between Corniglia and Vernazza, 2 km away from the villages. If you come on foot,  do not forget to bring water with you, even better fresh fruit and some energy food. - IMPORTANT: A
fter sunset the path it is completely dark and it is very dangerous.
assistance to get in cinque terre

you're tired I can pick you up by my car in Corniglia train station, or if there are elderly or young children, or other problems.
To obtain this assistance is enough that you notify me in advance about the time of arrival.
  1. Ristorante Belforte. A historic fortress overlooking the ocean. The food and the view is heaven. In the village of Vernazza. +39 0187 812222
  2. Trattoria dal Billy. Great fresh seafood. High on a cliff. Amazing view of the terraced hills. In the village of Manarola. +39 0187 920628
  3. Ripa del Sole. Refined bites, nice plating; where the locals go. In the village of Riomaggiore. +39 0187 920143
  4. Trattoria Food and Sea. Right in the square of Corniglia. +39 3338445842

  5. A Butiega da Vincenzo Monti. Corniglia. +39 0187 812292
  6. Lisa Market. Corniglia. +39 3384795567
not reccomended
not recommended
It is recommended that clothing and shoes appropriate to the situation, to living in the countryside.
Backpacks are recommended but if you have heavy suitcases I can come pick you up with my car in Corniglia train station.
9 - medicines, first aid
In case you need medicines is recommended to buy them before got here.

Emergency medical Service phone: 118
Guardia Medica Levanto: 0187 800973 (every day)

Guardia Medica Vernazza: 0187 821086
Guardia Medica La Spezia: 0187 026198
need help
The nearest pharmacy is in Vernazza: Phone +39 0187 812396 (from 9am to 7pm)
If you feel unwell emergency vehicles can come to our home with ease, thanks to our private driveway.
Prevo is served by a helicopter rescue service too.

The  emergency number 112 is the service that allows, by dialing a single number, to request the intervention of the Police, the Carabinieri, the Fire Brigade or the Health Rescue, without having to dial different emergency numbers.

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